Running water or water based coolants on any of our slab saws will void the warranty, but however we do realize that for some materials, running water or water-based coolants is essential for avoiding discoloration. We do it ourselves but NOT for hard agates and jaspers. Water simply won't work well with these hard materials.  

These are the steps for running water. 

  • Always drain your saw at the end of the day. (We suggest to installing a ball valve to assist with draining the water out)

  • Leave the hood open on your saw and use a clamp on fan to dry the saw out quickly to avoid and reduce the likelihood of rust forming on exposed metal components

  • Use a light oil such as WD-40 to spray down all the exposed metal components (feed screw, cross feed screw, cross feed rails, carriage way rails, roller bearings and any other exposed metal part). Do this EVERY time after cutting.

  • Sharpen your blade fairly often - lapidary diamond blades will need more sharpening when running in water than in oil based coolants

NOTE: Running water based coolants will destroy your bearings over time and cause other components to rust. We try to keep a good stock of replacement parts available and have videos on line to assist you in your rebuilding efforts.